Barak Swarttz is a leading strength and conditioning coach and former college basketball player. As an athlete, he leverages his experience and adversity to help others reach their full potential. As a trainer, Barak’s goal is to inspire everyone that he works with to find their own GRIT (gain, resilience in Time.) He also uses fitness as a vehicle for enhancing and improving every aspect of his clients’ lives. Barak Swarttz trains NBA, WNBA, and Euroleague basketball players, as well as anyone who wants to reach their fitness goals!

His family moved to Israel when he was six; that was when he first picked up a basketball. Shortly after Barak returned to the states and basketball became his life. Training, playing, and competing were the only things he cared about.

At 16 years-old, Barak was diagnosed with 2 hairline fractures and Spondylolisthesis in his back. He was put in a back brace and shut down from activity for 6 months. He pushed through his pain and continued to play eventually playing college ball at Elmira College and then transferred for his last two years at Curry College.

Barak spent countless time in surgery and rehab. He knew he wasn’t on his way to the NBA, but he never allowed his work ethic be the reason he wasn’t getting better. Barak thought that being injured and never reaching his potential was one of his life’s biggest failures, but now realizes that it’s actually his life’s biggest asset.

Barak’s experience of being an injured athlete gave him a window of opportunity to help athletes become so healthy, fit, elite and strong that they don’t have to endure what he did.

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