I had the awesome opportunity to sit down with motivational speaker and gratitude enthusiast, Ricky Mendez. He shares how helping one person changed his life and propelled him into quitting his job and helping people and businesses change their company culture and personal lives.

He believes in a systematic process that attacks the issues of procrastination, mediocre sales, and an undefined culture in an organization as well as in life. He is able to shift paradigms and change the way people think; therefore changing what is thought to be impossible to probable. Many businesses either suffer from stagnant revenues and lack of growth or struggle to maintain their foundational culture during times of expansion. Organizations who adopt Ricky’s process change behavior, make better decisions and create action habits that exponentially increase revenues and profitability while maintaining a superior culture.

The techniques that Ricky applies to the corporate world can seamlessly be transferred to personal struggles and adversity. Listen as he shares his secret to happiness and getting to where you want to be.

Learn more at https://rickymendez.com/ Connect on IG @RickyMendezSpeaks


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