Episode 43 – Ruth Mary Allan

In this podcast I had the incredible opportunity to speak with Ruth Mary Allan, High Performance and Brain Health Coach. Ruth shares her journey through extreme depression, performance anxiety, and family loss. After triumphantly overcoming her obstacles she now coaches others from where they are to where they want to be.

High Performance Coaching is a process created to help you level up and reach heightened and sustained levels of performance and potential in your life. As a Certified Coach Ruth will work with you to look at your high performance habits so that you can develop mastery in these areas and feel more fulfilled.

Brain Health Coaching is a process created to help you identify your unique brain type and learn how to optimise your brain health so that you can better manage your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

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Episode 40 – Amy Logan

In this episode I sit down with Amy Logan, an exmormon and current life coach. Amy discusses her faith crisis leaving the Mormon church after being a devout member for over 30 years. Amy describes how studying Mormon history prompted her to leave after she discovered the truth. By experiencing the fallout due to leaving a high demand faith she now helps others struggling with their grief and anger after leaving their religion through life coaching.

Religious trauma is a real thing and unless you have been through it, you have no idea how hard that journey can be. Getting to the other side of mormonism, when mormonism has been your whole identity can feel like an uphill climb. But, Amy believe sto be true is, you are worth it, and you always have been.

To help others overcome outloud and let them know they aren’t alone Amy hosts the podcast Exmormonology. Learn more at


Episode 39 – Andrew McKenna pt 2

This week I had to opportunity to sit down again with author, speaker, and Co-Founder & President of Prison Consulting Solutions, Andrew McKenna, who went from a federal prosecutor to a federal prisoner.

Andrew served five years in federal prison for robbing six banks and two supermarkets in five counties to pay for his addiction to heroin.

Learn more in his memoir, Sheer Madness: From Federal Prosecutor to Federal Prison. Available at…


Episode 38 – Andrew McKenna pt 1

This week I had to opportunity to speak with author, speaker, and Co-Founder & President of Prison Consulting Solutions, Andrew McKenna, who went from a federal prosecutor to a federal prisoner.

“It will change you. You will never be the same.”

At just 16 years of age, when a grizzled Californian drug dealer spoke those words of warning, there was no way Andrew McKenna could know that a few decades later, while embroiled in a losing custody battle, heroin would become the most seductive and destructive force in his life.

Raised in Schenectady, New York, Andrew’s upbringing sounds familiar—Little League baseball, scraps with boys from the neighborhood, parties, road trips. But below the surface, Andrew always felt different—detached, somehow, and constantly wondering how he fit in the bigger picture, always just steps from the mire of existential crisis.

Then, at the urging of one of his older brothers, he joins the military. Next is law school, followed by training with the Marines, and before he knows what’s hit him, this once aimless boy from modest roots is rapidly rising through the ranks as an attorney for the U.S. Justice Department. But years of untreated emotional distress, combined with the physical toll of the military, eventually lead him down a dark path, one riddled with prescription medication, alcohol, divorce, the loss of contact with his sons, and, ultimately, crime.


Episode 36 – Adam Jablin

In this week’s episode I have the privelidge to speak with Adam Jablin. He is a public speaker, author, life coach and founder of The Hero Project, a 90 day program that brings his clients from zero to hero. Adam has seen his fair share of trials and tribulations. From addictions to business and family, he’s paid the price. Adam has learned many difficult lessons through his journey, but he was shown the way out! Now, he is here to help you find your way. Adam’s mission is to help you crack through your fears, your denials and connect YOU to your ENTHUSIASM– from the Greek enthousiasmos, meaning “inspiration or possession by a God.”

Or, as Adam puts it, to be your spiritual trainer, to give you hope, and to help you move into your new world. He has worked one on one with celebrities, athletes, entrepreneurs, musicians, war hero’s, and homebody’s.​

Adam believes spirituality is like having muscles. We have all the muscles we need. You don’t need MORE of them. What’s important is how healthy, strong, and fit they are. Spiritual Fitness.

In his book, Lotsaholic: From a Sick to Sober Superman, Adam shares how his journey leads him to face not just alcohol and drugs but all of his addictions and dependencies. More than just another recovery story of descent and redemption, you will see, hear, and feel what Adam experiences along his healing journey. Perhaps most importantly, Adam shares the very tools and secrets that have helped him overcome his addiction and live the life that he only could have dreamt about. And he is shows you how to do the very same.

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Episode 35 – Tim Brown

Tim Brown is a former FDNY firefighter who served for 18 years, including playing an integral role in the rescue mission after the 9/11 terrorist attacks. Now, he dedicates his time to honoring the memory of those who died, and opening the conversation on grief, post -traumatic stress and emotional recovery.

Despite being involved in hundreds of fires over nearly two decades, no mission impacted Tim like the 9/11 Twin Towers terrorist attacks. During the harrowing events that unfolded on that day, Tim was the forefront of rescuing those trapped, managing panic and instructing emergency services. Never leaving his position to save his own life, Tim was responsible for the safe evacuation of hundreds of workers in the South Tower. In total, Tim lost 93 friends in the event, and he now he commits his time to preserve the memory of those who died.

Tim mentions the Tunnels to Towers Foundation in this podcast. To donate and learn more about Tunnels to Towers Foundation visit

You can buy “What Brothers Do” by Michael Everett Brown here:…


Episode 34 – Patrisha McLean

In a very revealing and powerful episode on domestic violence Patrisha McLean, the founder of Finding Our Voices and the ex wife of singer Don McLean, shares her story of overcoming years of spousal abuse at the hands of her abusive ex-husband. We learn about the progression and controlling nature of domestic violence and how Patrisha endured verbal and emotional abuse which escalated into a violent end. She is very vocal about the shortcomings of the legal system and advocates passionately for victims of abuse to help them literally find their voices.

Patrisha McLean, founder/president of Finding Our Voices, is a photojournalist and human rights advocate who in July 2021 was named by WOMEN’S e-News as one of 21 Leaders for the 21st Century.

In 2016, Patrisha’s secret of 29 years was outed in the most public way possible with worldwide headlines over the domestic violence arrest of her celebrity husband.

Dozens of women in her small community in Maine told her they too had been terrorized by an intimate partner: They hadn’t known about her and she hadn’t known about them and they all had felt alone.

Patrisha’s eyes being opened to how domestic abuse is everywhere– but no one knows because no one talks about it –sparked Finding Our Voices.

Finding Our Voices is a sisterhood of survivors standing proud and speaking loud to educate everyone about the pervasiveness, insidiousness and complexity of domestic abuse (including that emotional abuse can be at least as damaging as physical abuse). They empower girls and women to recognize, avoid, safely leave and heal from dangerous relationships, and promote systemic change toward justice for victims, accountability for perpetrators and safety for all.

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Episode 33 – Lyle and Kimberly Wick

This episode is truly a unique opportunity to hear two sides of the same journey of overcoming addiction. I sit down with Lyle and Kimberly Wick. A daughter who fell deep into addiction and a mother who had learn to deal with it. They vulnerably and courageously share from their own perspective what the disease of addiction did to their lives, how they Overcame individually and together. You will hear about the amazing connection they have today as they join forces to help others. I know you will find the pain, struggle and hope in their message very inspiring.

Lyle has extensive experience in the Addiction and Mental Health fields. Lyle’s personal journey in recovery, education and work experience gives her the rare ability to provide clients with clinical savvy and personal empathy. She is a CADC (Certified Alcohol Drug Counselor, Loyola Marymount University), has a BA in Psychology from Cal Lutheran University, and a MA in Clinical Psychology from Pepperdine Graduate School of Education and Psychology. Her work experience includes Boys and Girls Club Malibu – Wellness Center, Visions Adolescent Treatment Center, Ventura Recovery Center, Awakenings Treatment, and various supportive living homes. Additionally, Lyle has worked as a supportive companion throughout her time working in this field. Kimberly is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and holds a Masters in Clinical Psychology and a MBA in International Business. She is an adjunct faculty member at Pepperdine University in the Graduate School of Psychology.

Kimberly began her business career after graduating from her MBA program at Loyola Marymount University working in the field of international sales for film and television. In 1990, she started her own distribution company and had a great run for many years. Parallel to her business life, her time was spent in the wellness community – whether she was taking a yoga class, attending a seminar or reading self-help books. After many years of her own therapy, both individual and family, she became passionate about the field of psychology and how we create patterns in our own lives that seem to land us in a very similar place (different story line perhaps) but same process.

Lyle & Kimberly founded Bridge The Gap Services. Bridge The Gap Services offer therapeutic mentoring, parent mentoring, interventions, supportive companioning and more.

Learn more about Lyle, Kimberly and Bridge The Gap Services at


Episode 32 – Evan Haines

Evan Haines is a Co-Founder of Alo House. As an active participant in the recovery world, it felt natural for Evan to transition into the sober living business, and help others obtain and maintain sobriety. In less than three years, Alo House became one of the most successful sober living residences in the area. Evan has a natural ability to connect with clients, and bring out a sense of hope in them. He has a Master’s Degree in Community Development Planning from the University of British Columbia. Evan has a strong academic background, coupled with years of hands-on experience doing community-organizing work with non-profits.

Learn more about Evan and Alo House at