Charlie Smith is a passionate entrepreneur, national public speaker, and a corporate training, and leadership development professional. He is also the host the popular internationally downloaded Podcast Overcome Outloud. He has had a dynamic 30-year career as a commercial real estate investor and developer and his background includes the acquisition, and development of more than $1.8 billion dollars in projects.

Charlie began his career in commercial real estate over 33 years ago overseeing distressed assets for a New York Bank. Managing troubled real estate assets can be a significant challenge. Charlie realized early on that he had a creative mind for solving problems, and found early success adding value and resolving distressed projects. This success ignited his entrepreneurial spirit and a few in 1995 he joined an opportunistic real estate venture where he would refine and enhance this new skill. His passion and talent for business was unmatched and coupled with an extremely high work ethic Charlie spent the next twenty-five years investing, acquiring, and developing more than $1.8 billion in projects that included the development of more than 4 million square feet of retail centers throughout California.

With great success often comes great sacrifice. At least this was the case for Charlie. While his outward appearance showed all the trappings of a successful life, inside Charlie was suffering in silence as he was battling demons that were growing stronger by the day. To numb the pain of the trauma created by a violent childhood Charlie developed a dependence on drugs and alcohol that would lead him down a path of destructive behavior and a growing battle with alcoholism and addiction. A natural leader and a born survivor, Charlie’s soul would not be defeated. As his resilience grew Charlie took ownership of his life and challenged himself to create a new and empowering mindset. He matched these new beliefs with a value-based set of behaviors to change the trajectory of his life. In 2008 he found recovery and went to work on beating his addiction and defeating his demons. He has not looked back since….

It is this powerful combination of business experience and undisputed resilience that makes him an impactful speaker, coach, or trainer for your organization. He is insightful, relatable and draws on decades of experience when speaking to an audience, conducting transformational coaching to executives, or training a sales team to have a more optimistic mindset.


Charlies unique and dynamic background creates powerful and impactful messages for any audience. Charlie is a passionate entrepreneur, national public speaker, leadership development professional and the host of the Podcast Overcome Outloud. As a dynamic keynote speaker, guest lecturer and industry leader, he is sought after by corporations, universities and media outlets who rely on his insights to inspire, motivate, and create lasing change for their organizations. Charlie speaks openly about the skills and methods he has developed to overcome incredible obstacles in his own, life, including surviving violent childhood abuse and addiction to transform his own life, He captivates an audience and can help transform their lives by sharing the details of the lessons he has learned to create lasting change in his life. He believes in the power of writing the story of our own lives by taking ownership of the pen and having a clear vision of who we are and the reenforcing behaviors that create a fulfilling and rewarding life.


What People Are Saying...

You were absolutely astonishing and truly inspirational! Students were not even glancing at their phones - they listened to every word, as did all of us! Thank you from the bottom of my heart, which you are always in.

Susan Birge

Director Counseling
The feedback continues to trickle in…about the turnout, the content, and an admin person in the dean’s office told me she heard students telling your story. That is amazing. I am so proud of you and your voice. It brings tears to me too and it is not even my story. Grateful for all the ways it inspires others. 

Lisa Arnold, MFT, LADC

Clinical Director Collegiate Recovery Program


Nothing gives Charlie greater pleasure than his 1-1 Transformational Coaching Practice. Charlies unique approach has allowed him to work with clients ranging from division 1 athletes to c-suite executives through a foundational process that moves them from where they are to where they want to be. His pro-active and collaborative style creates an environment that empowers his clients to make the lasting changes they want in their lives. His 1-1 Coaching is personal and immersive so he is limited to only 3-5 individual clients at any one time.


Hear From Clients...

I have grown a tremendous amount professionally and personally since meeting with you; that was what we had set out to do in our Intro call. Really appreciate the foundation you helped me build and showed me how to be consciously competent.

Ryan Ting

Thank you for your support and for believing in me. With your encouragement, I have been able to make some significant shifts in my thinking that have resulted in me feeling better about myself. In turn, I feel empowered and able to get stuff done! It feels so good and I will continue to put the work into keep it going.

Lisa Polis

New Mark Merrill


With increasing pressure on employees, the negative effects of stress are dramatically impacting performance and mental health of organizations workforce. Charlie has put his significant personal development and business experience together in a series of powerful training workshops to increase human performance, reduce the effects of stress and provide organizations with a proven set of skills to improve the mental health of their workforce.


The research from Harvard and the Mayo Clinic is very strong and has found that Optimism increases both productivity and performance in team members and organizations. In fact, a 2019 study done at Harvard found that more optimistic people live longer and healthier lives both emotional and physical. Cultivating Optimism is a strategic advantage in business and life. Personally, I've used the practice of cultivating optimism to overcome significant challenges in my life and it is a guiding principle in my business. I would love to discuss the opportunity of working with your company or your specific business leaders that understand the benefits of investing in their employees.


Results Driven Coaching...

Charlie Smith’s approach to a positive, productive mind and methodology for overcoming negative thinking is a real asset for all. His program had a tremendous effect on not only my approach but also for my staff. The response from our attendees demonstrated the importance of providing these tools. I look forward to using reminders from the program in our team meetings. Thank you, Charlie!

Ed Kezar

Sr. VP Chicago Title
We recently had Charlie Smith join one of our Leadership Team meetings to discuss “The Art of Being an Optimistic Leader during the Covid Chaos”. From beginning to end, Charlie had a very strong impact on the team. He started by letting us in on his own journey, the impact mindset has had on his life and, in the end, how he believes optimism is not just a state of mind but a strategic advantage. It was incredibly powerful. The bottom line is that Charlie has an amazing story and shares it in a way that is very human and relatable. It is a great way to connect with the team during this virtual era and deliver a message of optimism.

Craig Maloney

President, Maestro Health