I had the incredible opportunity to sit down and talk to David Smith, a Nike Athlete, Speaker, Writer and Coach. He was born with a club foot and underwent repeated medical surgeries to break and reset the foot. David’s doctors even considered full amputation.

In 2010 he was taken into emergency surgery when a cervical tumor was discovered. The surgery caused temporary paralysis and involved the removal of three vertebrae and rebuilding the spine.

David has competed internationally in several sports including GB Rowing, and British Cycling. He has over come tremendous adversity. Listen as David shares his journey through multiple cancer reoccurrences and life saving surgeries, radiation treatment and rehabilitation therapy. He shares both his experience in high performance sports and his first hand experience of fighting for his life and living with paralysis.

You can work with David as he pursues life as an athlete whilst living with a spinal cord injury. Pushing both mental and physical boundaries in the hope to inspire others to live a flourishing life.

Learn more at https://davidsmithathlete.com/

Connect on Instagram @DavidSmithMBE


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