This week I had the opportunity to hear Coach G’s incredible story. She is an inspiration to listen to as she shares some of the obstacles she has overcome in her life: encountering racism for the first time, losing her confidence in college basketball and facing gender politics in the workplace. Coach G overcame all these adversities and more through her mental performance practices and visualizing the goals she wanted for her life.

Gladine Frasso is a Certified Mental Game Toughness Coach. She received her life coaching certification through the Certified Coaching Alliance (CCA). Coach G works with athletes, coaches and parents to help them navigate the obstacles and pitfalls that basketball athletes face. She provides methods and strategies needed for high peak performances that top champions possess. Athletes go to Coach G to gain confidence in their sport, reduce the fear of failure, learn how to get into the zone and stay in the zone.

Not only is Coach G a Mental Game Toughness Specialist but also acts as a teacher, a motivator and a mentor that athletes can trust and work with.​ From personal experience, she knows how difficult it is to balance life as an athlete. The pressure can be overwhelming.

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