In this week’s episode I had the opportunity to sit down with Trake Carpenter, a golf performance coach as well as personal coach. Trake shares his journey through playing golf in high school and earning a Division I scholarship at Ball State. He struggled with self-talk, mindset and performance. After hiring a coach and changing his habits, he ended his college golf career as team captain with a tournament win on his resume.

Trake became a graduate assistant at Ball State for a season and then pursued other business ventures. Listen as he shares how he went from bankruptcy to finding his way back to the true passion of his life, all things golf. Trake is on a mission to help others leverage golf to open doors and create opportunities to achieve their dreams.

Trake also hosts the podcast GPS Podcast – Golf Performance Show. This Golf Performance Show is designed to help you get from where you are to where you want to be in your journey with golf. Trake brings in guests each week who can inspire and motivate you to take your next step in golf.

You can connect with Trake on Instagram and Twitter @trakecarpenter. Learn more his podcast at


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