In this episode I had the opportunity to sit down with my personal mental conditioning coach and really special friend Collin Henderson. Colin succeeded as a two sport athlete at Washington State University and on the outside looked very accomplished, but his internal anxiety was high and his early issues with stuttering left his self confidence dwindling. Driven by a sincere desire to overcome these issues and help others he dug into mental performance and mindset and launchd an entire career. Collin is the founder and CEO of Master Your Mindset, LLC, an industry leader in the field of mental conditioning. He is a speaker and author of five books dealing with peak performance. Aside from creating his own peak performance consulting company he is also a frequent mental conditioning contributor with Russell Wilson’s company, Limitless Minds, where they take competitive thinking from sports, to the corporate workspace. He believes that the mind is our most powerful tool, but often under trained. With the right coaching, skills like confidence, motivation, focus, resilience, elite communication, influence, creativity, courage, and consistency all can be trained.

Learn more about his company and Master Your Mindset and his teachings at Follow on Instagram @collinhenderson


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